Charity & Volunteering Activities​

Arts Club
Our institution was built with the desire to give back to society and we would like our students to imbibe the same spirit. As part of this endeavour, we conduct regular campaigns which help our students be more sensitive towards the needs of the not-so privileged sections of the society. 

Our students are also encouraged to volunteer for environmental causes.To provide our students with an enriching learning experience and empower them as thinkers, problem solvers and leaders we have partnered with Reap Benefit for their Solve Ninja Bootcamp. It is a platform for students to explore and resolve civic and environmental issues and become action-based citizen champions. The 4-months programme trains children in public problem solving skills and makes them appreciative of the society and environment they live in. Students are encouraged to tackle local civic and environmental problems using local data and come up with working prototypes of their solutions.

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