Students Safety

  • Student’s safety is our first priority in the campus and we follow strict guidelines and ensure their complete safety inside the school premises
  • We keep the school environment including the school buildings, premises, playgrounds, laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, toilets, drinking water facilities, school buses, transport area and the surroundings safe and secure.


  • School administration, staff, teachers as well as students should be aware and prepared to respond to any catastrophe, natural or man-made


  • Installed CCTV cameras at strategic locations across school premises to ensure that a child’s day-to-day life in school is constantly being monitored and recorded


  • A digital visitor management system with visitor sign-in information and photo ID badges will be taken to increase the level of security in school


  • Due to COVID-19 several healthy measures are taken as follows


  • Children will be given sanitizer to frequently sanitize their hands to stay away


  • The entire campus will be sanitized daily before and school hours


  • Sharing of food is not allowed strictly


  • Every school staff is completed vaccinated and submitted medical fitness certificate
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Jayanagar Brooklyn National Public School

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